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Anti-atheist discrimination in the US Post Office

Shoes from Germany for atheists. Apparently not appreciated by some US Postal workers. I recently read a report of a delivery test done by the company that produces “Atheist” brand shoes. Yes, I know, why exactly anyone would name their shoes “atheist” is an interesting question which I will deal with in another post. But

Just another day in the RC Church

Is the Roman Catholic church serious? I guess they have to do it somehow: choosing a replacement Pope. But you have to admit, it’s a pretty bizarre exercise. Many non-catholics like me think this just underlines how weird some RC traditions are, and in the minds of religious sceptics this cements numerous negative feelings about

The Problem with Fundamentalism

I occasionally refer to “fundamentalism” in this blog because it is a feature of attitudes and beliefs that I find particularly curious (from an intellectual point of view) and dangerous (from a political point of view). When I use the term “fundamentalism” I am referring to the general belief that there are clear and indisputable