Why is it only the Liberals who have a “brand”?

Don’t you get tired of hearing about the “Liberal brand”? It comes up in editorials and TV commentaries all the time. We never hear about the “NDP brand” or the “Conservative brand” or the “Green brand” (unless you’re talking about a sticker you put on appliances.) Just the “Liberal brand”. Somebody in the media started

Harper gets his majority. Layton gets a new house.

It was interesting watching the election coverage on the CBC last night. I think they did about 7 interviews with NDPers and maybe 3 with Conservatives. According to the coverage, the big story was the “orange crush” of the NDP. But once reality sets in time will demonstrate that there is not much substance to

Obama shows Trump proper respect

Here’s a great video of President Obama “roasting” Donald Trump at a recent Washington Correspondent’s dinner: Related Posts:American debt crisis highlights democratic nature of US government

How do you explain the rise of the NDP?

Something has gone awry in the Conservative push for a majority over the last two weeks. That the NDP have made it a game is not news anymore. Why this is happening is another question. Blame the media, sort of The Canadian media have been a big part of this story. Everyone in Canada knows

PBS High School Football Report Worth Watching

Watch the full episode. See more FRONTLINE. It turns out my instincts were right back when I was in Grade 11 and trying out for my high school football team. I’m not sure what got into me that year, but I thought it was worth a shot. But after getting regularly tromped on in practice

Leaders tells us what we want to hear

Watching the leaders debate last night (the English version) I had the distinct impression that Harper “won” – at least in the sense that he presented the strongest case for why the Conservatives should continue running the party. The only other credible alternative is the Liberals, and Ignatieff had a difficult time IMHO saying just

Checking out the Liberal Election “Family Pack”

The federal Liberals under Michael Ignatieff have issued a big chunk of their election platform. It is being called the “Liberal Family Pack” because it contains many “family-friendly” goodies: help for families with college-bound kids, more child care spaces, time off for family caregivers, pumped up CPP payments, and help for people wanting to make

NDP credit card cap is a non-starter

Jack Layton recently kicked off the NDP federal campaign by announcing that they would put a cap on credit card interest – no more than 5% above prime. This “promise” has been trotted out by Layton in at least two previous elections. This proposal has about as much chance of being enacted – NDP or

Why Elizabeth May should not be in the debates

Everytime we have a federal election in Canada the televised debates become a focial point of the rather short campaign. As I’m sure you know, these debates feature the leaders of the major parties who have representation in the House of Commons. Last time around (2008) Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party was officially

Beware the murderers in our midst

This week I’m on our annual March golf trip to Florida, and for my leisurely reading enjoyment I brought along the book called “Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler”, subtitled “The Age of Social Catastrophe”, by Robert Gellately, Florida State University Professor of History. Of course, like most of us I’ve heard that Joseph Stalin was perhaps

Big Time minor hockey rejected in KW

I see that last night Waterloo minor hockey parents rejected a proposal to merge their bantam and midget AAA teams (boys) and form 4 (instead of 8) super teams from KW. The new teams were to have coaches chosen and bankrolled by the Kitchener Rangers, the local Junior A team. I suspect there were quite

Coureurs de bois were uniquely Canadian

I suspect that most Canadians have heard the phrase coureurs de bois and at least some of us have a vague idea who they were and what they did. But I also suspect that very few of us know how truly unique these people were and what an important role they played in Canada’s early

Hockey Rules and Little Kids

If you have kids (or grandkids) in Canada between the ages of 6 and 17, chances are you spend a lot of time at hockey arenas in the winter. And it’s not just boys anymore. We have three grandaughters and two grandsons playing hockey, and keeping up with their games and tournaments is quite a

The Problem with Fundamentalism

I occasionally refer to “fundamentalism” in this blog because it is a feature of attitudes and beliefs that I find particularly curious (from an intellectual point of view) and dangerous (from a political point of view). When I use the term “fundamentalism” I am referring to the general belief that there are clear and indisputable

The Last Spike and Other Bits of Canadiana

“The Last Spike” that’s Donald Smith at Craigellachie, B.C., 1885 I was in the local Chapters book store a few days ago looking for something interesting to read and two things about their selection of Canadian books stuck out. First there is the aggravating use of the cute term “Canadiana” to classify books about Canada.

Unamerican Canadian conservativism

A few years ago it was not unusual to hear that leading conservative politicians in Canada were taking advice from U.S. Republican strategists – as though it was a big brother/little brother type of arrangement between conservatives in Canada and Republicans in the U.S. This was especially the case near the end of Preston Manning’s

The success of the conservative message in the U.S.

The success of U.S. conservatives to carve out a respectable place in the hearts and minds of Americans is one of the most under-reported stories in American politics of the last thirty or forty years. It is nothing less than the gradual domination of the media by increasingly reactionary conservative pundits and spokespersons. While radio

Wayne Gretzky turns 50

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Tom Brokaw explains Canada to US viewers

In this video NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw narrates an “explanation” of Canada meant for American viewers during the 2008 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Some of the cliches left out: Canada’s obsession with hockey, universal health care, much less crime and gun violence. Related Posts:Why the “Olympic Spirit” Thing is a Hoax

GM China Sales Blow Past U.S.

Another sign of the exploding Chinese economy – for 2010 GM sold more cars in China than in the U.S. Total 2010 unit sales for GM by country were as follows: 1.China 2,351,610 up 28.8 over 2009 2.United States 2,215,227 up 6.3% 3.Brazil 657,825 up 10.4 4.United Kingdom 290,250 up 1.0 5.Germany 269,061 (down 29.5%)