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Do Scientists have “Faith” in the Same Sense as Religious Believers?

It is a common criticism of non-believers, agnostics and atheists to suggest they need “faith” just as much as religious believers. For instance, secularists as much as religious people have “faith” that the earth will continue rotating around the sun, or that an object will fall if it is released from a height. As David

High Tech in Waterloo Region is Much More Than Blackberry

The VeloCity garage work area at the U of Waterloo. Working on 30 new startups this fall. There’s no doubt the ongoing reports of layoffs and downsizing at Blackberry are painful to many individuals. Many are losing their jobs, at least temporarily. And this recurring news gives the distinct impression that both Blackberry is fading

The Indian Act from the Perspective of Aboriginals

According to many who are involved in the “aboriginal problem” in Canada, the federal Indian Act is at the heart of the problem. Here is an interpretation of the place, importance and problems associated with and stemming from the Indian Act, and an analysis of moves by the current federal and provincial governments to make

Hallowe’en Brings Back Fond Memories

Hallowe’en is all about kids. The special day seems to actually be growing in significance, at least in some cultures, Canada among them. It is not just the commercialization, although that is certainly a factor. For kids it is a night filled with excitement over getting dressed up and canvassing the neighbourhood for candy and

Australian Prime Minister Denies Link Between Climate Change and Wildfires

Photo: John Crux/Getty With the wildfire season upon them, Aussie Prime Minister Tony Abbott has called climate change science “crap” and has denied a link between man-made climate change and an unusually high number of Australian wildfires. Abbott had recently (September, 2013) been elected running a campaign against a previously imposed carbon tax. The irony

Calgary Catholic School Drops Academic Achievement Awards

Many parents are up in arms after a Calgary school decided to drop all academic achievement award ceremonies. The school board wrote in a letter to parents that awards don’t mean much to their recipients and “often hurt the self-esteem and pride of those who do not receive a certificate.” Many parents think these awards

Blue Jay Pitcher R.A. Dickie wins outstanding defensive awards

He may not have had the season he wanted, or the one Blue Jays fans were hoping for, but R. A. Dickie did manage to win 14 games. And now he is the first Blue Jay since 2006 to win a Gold Glove Award. The Gold Glove is awarded to the best defensive player in

Will Apple Buy Blackberry? Don’t Bet Against It

In this article, Why Apple Will Buy BlackBerry the author puts forward some convincing reasons why we might expect Apple to end up buying Blackberry. First, the $5 billion or so it would cost is chicken feed for Apple. They currently have more than $150 billion in cash. Second, buying BB would give them a

Malcolm Gladwell Pays Tribute to Former Elmira High School English Teacher

Malcolm Gladwell, best-selling author of books like “The Tipping Point”, “Blink”, and his latest “David and Goliath” has been making making the rounds in Ontario, presumably promoting his new book and renewing old ties. He went to high school for a few years in Elmira, just down the road from Conestogo. One of those old

Steve Jobs Childhood Home gets Historical Designation

The home in Los Altos, California (Silicon Valley) where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak built some of their first computers has been designated a historically significant location. It is currently owned by Patricia Jobs, the late Steve Jobs’ sister. Image credit – Getty Images Related Posts:No Related Posts

BBM network has untapped value

At last there is some good news out of Blackberry. After the Waterloo company finally got the cross-platform version of BBM pumping out to iPhone and Android users, they claim to have had upwards of 10 million downloads in the first 24 hours. Personally, being a BB10 guy, I hadn’t made much use of BBM

Collection Agency Fined $500,000

The Toronto Star reports today that the large collection agency iQor Canada Ltd. has been fined $500,000 for making unsolicited robo calls to people saying they owed money, without identifying themselves. Companies like this get away with unethical and illegal behaviour like this all the time, so it is good seeing the laws actually enforced.

Sceptics Dawkins and Krauss on The Morning Show

Often Youtube interviews or debates with Richard Dawkins or Lawrence Krauss are long and (I suppose) tedious for most people. Dawkins is a world famous biologist and Krauss a well-known physicist. Both are outspoken non-believers in religion (they are not sure about the term “atheist”). And both are often accused of ridiculing believers. In this

Random Selection of Senators Worth Considering

With the current expenses scandal of Duffy, Wallin, Brazeau, and no doubt others, reform of the Canadian Senate is once again on the minds of many Canadians. This has been an on-again-off-again topic for decades. Back in the day. a younger Stephen Harper was committed to a “Triple-E” Senate – one of the Reform Party’s

Malcolm Gladwell’s Return to Faith

I read an interview where Malcolm Gladwell talks about his new book “David and Goliath”. The interview suggests that he seems to have had a return to “faith”. I have not read his book yet, and may not after reading this interview, because it struck me that this talk about “faith” is pretty misleading. Gladwell

Duffy-Wallin affair – What did you expect?

The current senate-expense “scandal” has the media all worked up. I don’t have much original or insightful to say about this matter. Like most Canadians I have no way of knowing where the truth lies. Nevertheless, here are some of my observations… Related Posts:No Related Posts

Woody Allen’s Moose Sketch

Here’s a classic Woody Allen performance from 1965. Woody is at his quirky best. The famous “moose sketch” is in the last half… Related Posts:No Related Posts

Fighting in Hockey is Stupid

Yesterday Montreal Canadien’s tough guy, George Parros fell on the ice and was knocked out cold during a fight. As Kelly MacParland of the National Post said in commenting on the incident, “It’s a bit like a Canadian version of sumo wrestling, but with much more padding. Everything is staged and negotiated in advance; the

Atheism Has a Bad Name

One of the more interesting suggestions made by one of the “new atheists” over the last 5 years or so, is that the term “atheist” should be jettisoned from the sceptic’s lexicon. Sam Harris’ contention is that “atheism” and “atheist” have received such a bad press – especially in the U.S. that non-believing people who

Blackberry Management Looks Like They’ve Thrown in the Towel

This has been a disastrous week for Blackberry supporters, loyalists, shareholders and employees. The most recent screw ups stink to high heaven – premature announcements of being up for sale, discouraging news of major losses and sweeping layoffs, a badly bungled launch of BBM, and now a disheartening offer to buy the company at well