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Developing your “Ear” – Note Recognition

It’s pretty difficult to play the guitar if you can’t tell one note from another. This is what is called developing your “ear”. This skill helps you recognize when you are playing the correct note(s), when notes are higher or lower in pitch than others. And, of course, developing your ear helps you determine when

Practicing while you travel

Travelling can put a dent in your daily practice routine. Too bad, because you almost always have “dead time” between sight-seeing, meal-eating, etc. If you’re going to spend a few days in one location you might consider renting an instrument. On a trip to PEI a couple years ago (BCovid) I rented a trumpet and

Check Out these Sample Practice Tracks

Now you can become a member of for just $10/year. PracticeTracks is a project of, a non-profit organization in Waterloo, Ontario, dedicated to encouraging young musicians and making music resources and opportunities available to them. Practice Tracks are play along songs and exercises that give new and aspiring musicians practice resources. These are

3 Reasons for New Guitar Players to Practice Scales

I’d wager that just about everybody who ever took a music lesson has memories of playing scales. Can you just imagine…? You’re 10 years old – or 40 for that matter – and your teacher says “You should spend at least 10 minutes a day working on scales.” How many new music students have answered