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Iran blocked from membership on UN womens’ rights board

There was much consternation amongst UN observers, and a fair bit of self-satisfied clucking coming from UN-detractors over the proposed makeup of a powerful new United Nations agency aimed at promoting equality for women. Countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and some questionable African countries with terrible records on women’s equality have been lobbying to get on the governing board of the new agency.

Iran has been blocked by political tactics that saw East Timor get on the board instead.

Yesterday I heard Stephen Lewis, former Canadian ambassador to the UN, decrying the hypocrisy that is rampant at the UN. He should know, having been involved at a fairly high level in some of the UN campaign against HIV/aids a few years ago.

What can be said about the UN? It is corrupt from virtually top to bottom. But still it is the only global forum for dialogue and cooperation that exists. And in the true spirit of representative assembly it is a lamentable reflection of its membership.

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