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Mild treatment of Canada in Wikileaks

Canadians politicians and diplomats are generally relieved that the lastest disclosures from Wikileaks do not have much to say about Canada. Yes there are a grand total of 5 documents (out of a total of 2600) which contain some mildly critical comments and observations aimed at Canada. But that’s nothing compared to what they might have contained.

In his essay titled Wikileaks And The New Global Order author Johnathan Cook observes that while the revelations coming from the latest disclosure of U.S. documents from Wikileaks are nothing earth shattering, they do illustrate that the U.S. has lost control of its global agenda. As he says,

The new disclosures… provide a useful insight, captured in the very ordinariness of the diplomatic correspondence, into Washington’s own sense of the limits on its global role — an insight that was far less apparent in the previous Wikileaks revelations on the US armys wa

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