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Obama shows Trump proper respect

Here’s a great video of President Obama “roasting” Donald Trump at a recent Washington Correspondent’s dinner: Related Posts:American debt crisis highlights democratic nature of US government

How do you explain the rise of the NDP?

Something has gone awry in the Conservative push for a majority over the last two weeks. That the NDP have made it a game is not news anymore. Why this is happening is another question. Blame the media, sort of The Canadian media have been a big part of this story. Everyone in Canada knows

Leaders tells us what we want to hear

Watching the leaders debate last night (the English version) I had the distinct impression that Harper “won” – at least in the sense that he presented the strongest case for why the Conservatives should continue running the party. The only other credible alternative is the Liberals, and Ignatieff had a difficult time IMHO saying just

Checking out the Liberal Election “Family Pack”

The federal Liberals under Michael Ignatieff have issued a big chunk of their election platform. It is being called the “Liberal Family Pack” because it contains many “family-friendly” goodies: help for families with college-bound kids, more child care spaces, time off for family caregivers, pumped up CPP payments, and help for people wanting to make

NDP credit card cap is a non-starter

Jack Layton recently kicked off the NDP federal campaign by announcing that they would put a cap on credit card interest – no more than 5% above prime. This “promise” has been trotted out by Layton in at least two previous elections. This proposal has about as much chance of being enacted – NDP or

Why Elizabeth May should not be in the debates

Everytime we have a federal election in Canada the televised debates become a focial point of the rather short campaign. As I’m sure you know, these debates feature the leaders of the major parties who have representation in the House of Commons. Last time around (2008) Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party was officially

Beware the murderers in our midst

This week I’m on our annual March golf trip to Florida, and for my leisurely reading enjoyment I brought along the book called “Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler”, subtitled “The Age of Social Catastrophe”, by Robert Gellately, Florida State University Professor of History. Of course, like most of us I’ve heard that Joseph Stalin was perhaps

Unamerican Canadian conservativism

A few years ago it was not unusual to hear that leading conservative politicians in Canada were taking advice from U.S. Republican strategists – as though it was a big brother/little brother type of arrangement between conservatives in Canada and Republicans in the U.S. This was especially the case near the end of Preston Manning’s

The success of the conservative message in the U.S.

The success of U.S. conservatives to carve out a respectable place in the hearts and minds of Americans is one of the most under-reported stories in American politics of the last thirty or forty years. It is nothing less than the gradual domination of the media by increasingly reactionary conservative pundits and spokespersons. While radio

The ongoing Canadian Monarchy Debate

The Canadian Royal Family – Sorry, no Canadians allowed. There are a couple interesting articles in the National Post today (Jan 21, 2011) about the rightful place of the British monarchy in Canada’s future. As I have expressed elsewhere a few times, I think the fact that our Canadian head of state is, according to

Assange victims not the source of charges

The women accusing Julian Assange of sexual misconduct were not initially wanting charges to be laid. I don’t want to dwell too much on the Julian Assange Wikileaks story, but here’s an interesting story in the National Post – Swedish women did not want Assange charged. The report says both women were associates (or admirers

Julian Assange video interview about Wikileaks

Here’s a video interview of Julian Assange, the key spokesperson for Wikileaks. This video is from April 2010. It was originally broadcast on the English AlJazeera network. Believe it or not his cell phone rings near the beginning of the interview. Related Posts:Wikileaks – force for good or evil?Unamerican Canadian conservativismAssange victims not the source

Wikileaks – force for good or evil?

Is Wikileaks a much more sinister group than most people think? The release of sensitive (and classified) documents by Wikileaks last week was met with a relatively muted response from just about everyone. Perhaps it is because the general perception of Wikileaks is that it is an organization with what looks like an admirable objective

Mild treatment of Canada in Wikileaks

Canadians politicians and diplomats are generally relieved that the lastest disclosures from Wikileaks do not have much to say about Canada. Yes there are a grand total of 5 documents (out of a total of 2600) which contain some mildly critical comments and observations aimed at Canada. But that’s nothing compared to what they might

Don Cherry for King of Canada

Since we’re talking about the monarchy a lot these days. I thought I’d make some proposals for “King of Canada”. I would like to see us start our own monarchy in Canada, and I can’t think of a better person than Don Cherry to serve as KofC. As we all know, Don even looks great

Canadian wireless phone system sucks (relatively speaking)

There’s an interstesting story about the Canadian cell phone business in the November (2010) issue of The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business. The focus of the article is on Egyptian billionaire entrepreneur Naguib Sawiris and his upstart wireless company called Wind Mobile. The revelations about the Canadian wireless industry are intriguing, to say the

Royal wedding should be a non-story for Canadians

We’ve recently been bombarded with news of the upcoming British royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, and there is suddenly renewed interest in the British monarchy. The CBC, for example ran a phone-in last Sunday in which people were asked “Will the royal wedding renew interest in the monarchy in Canada?” (or something

Canadian Senate kills climate change bill: No big deal

So today the Conservatives in the Canadian Senate voted down the NDP’s climate change bill that had been bouncing around for years. Big deal. Harper haters are up in arms about what they see as the anti-democratic nature of the move. A bill passed by a majority of elected MPs has now been quashed by

Why Harper’s Afghanistan Shift Makes Sense

Prime Minister Stephen Harper made it clear last week that it is likely there will be an extension of Canadian military involvment in Afghanistan. The government had previously committed to having all Canadian soldiers out of Afghanistan by the end of next July (2011). Has the government been misleading Canadians? Some media are interpreting this

The Case Against Making Remembrance Day a Holiday

Canadian attack of Vimy Ridge, April 16, 1917 – Library and Archives Canada In an op-ed piece in the National Post Matt Gurney argues that Remembrance Day (November 11) should not be made a statutory holiday in Ontario . There are good arguments on both sides of this debate, but generally I agree with Gurney.