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Are Green Jobs Worth The Cost?

In his book Ethical Oil author and activist Ezra Levant argues that attempts to replace carbon based energy – in this case, oil from the Alberta oil sands – with renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar have been an “unmitigated disaster” [p207] in Spain, and by extension, other countries such as Germany. This

Iran blocked from membership on UN womens’ rights board

There was much consternation amongst UN observers, and a fair bit of self-satisfied clucking coming from UN-detractors over the proposed makeup of a powerful new United Nations agency aimed at promoting equality for women. Countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and some questionable African countries with terrible records on women’s equality have been lobbying to

Harper Govt says No to Potash buyout

The federal government today announced that it was rejecting the hostile takeover of Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan. This bid had been in the works for almost 3 months and has created quite a fuss in Saskatchewan. Prime Minister Stephen Harper had previously indicated that he considered the takeover a fairly routine buyout of a company

Canadian Inuit Leader Discusses Inuit Issues

Here is an interview with Mary Simon, leader of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami. The interviewer is Nick Taylor-Vaisey of Listen to This a Canadian podcasting online magazine. They discuss things like climate change, health and social services for the Inuit, education in the Arctic, and the ban on seal products by the European Union. Here is

Why is the Canadian Govt Being Coy about Khadr?

Ah yes, the Omar Khadr story. How long has it been going on now? Since July 2002? Is it really more than 8 years? And now this storey is finally coming to some kind of resolution. Early on in his stay in Guantanamo Bay Omar Khadr became something of a poster child, especially in Canada,

Battle Over SunNEWS TV Channel

In this video from early September Kory Teneycke, then a VP with SunNews TV and a former top aide to Stephen Harper, and Ricken Patel of square off over the application by Sun media to the CRTC to start a cable news station called SunNews. The proposed new station has been dubbed “Fox News

Who Will Be the Next King of Canada?

The future king and queen of Canada? In an article published in the Nov 13 2009 issue of Macleans magazine Andrew Coyne, Maclean’s editor made a valiant attempt to Defend the Royal Family and the monarchist status quo in Canada. Sorry to dredge up this (relatively) old article, but I thought it was relevant given

Canadian History, Politics Featured in

I’ve recently been searching for blogs focusing on Canadian politics and history. This is something I hadn’t actually done until a few weeks ago. Searching in Google doesn’t turn up much. There’s a few of the usual rant-style blogs modelled on US talk radio shows. The point of these blogs seems to be to whip

Failure to Cut ties to Britain Shows Political Cowardice

The failure of Canada’s political elite to cut formal political ties to Britain is an insult to Canadian independence and should be an embarrassment to all Canadians. This once again became apparent in the installation of our new Governor-General, David Johnston. Not that I have anything against David Johnston. He seems like a very nice

Why Do We Need the OMB?

The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) has been around for a long time. It was established in 1897 by the Province of Ontario as the “Ontario Railway and Municipal Board”. Its role was to oversee the finances of municipal governments and supervise and coordinate the expansion of the railway system between different municipal jurisdictions in the

Merge Strategies and World Views

One of the books I have been reading most recently is called “Traffic” by Tom Vanderbilt. The subtitle is “Why We Drive The Way We Do (and what it says about us)”. This is not the kind of book you would normally think of as an entertaining read. But like most people who drive a