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I’ve recently been searching for blogs focusing on Canadian politics and history. This is something I hadn’t actually done until a few weeks ago.

Searching in Google doesn’t turn up much. There’s a few of the usual rant-style blogs modelled on US talk radio shows. The point of these blogs seems to be to whip up the team for some kind of battle. Who needs argumentation when you can just TALK LOUDER THAN THE OTHER GUY?

But gradually I’m finding a few that have some decent content. is one of them. This site consists of a number of blogs written by (apparently) people with a background in publishing or academia.

From my relatively brief examination of the site the most interesting posts come from William Christian who “formerly taught political science at Mount Allison University and the University of Guelph.” His blog is called Primary Loyalties.

Unlike a lot of other bloggers, these people are basically “establishment types”. This makes the site a bit (quite a bit?) stuffy. And hoping for a bit of controversy here and there may be a bit too much to ask. We’ll see. I’ve added the history wire feed to my feed reader.

There’s even a Public Blog where people like you and me can post our stuff. I’m not sure exactly how it works, but may try it out to see what happens.

Nevertheless it has great potential if for no other reason than that Canadian history and politics have had such poor coverage in both our education system and in the popular media.

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