Bobby Orr turns 65 this week

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Dominican supremacy in World Baseball

The undefeated team from the Dominican Republic The World Baseball Classic finished up this week after what seems like about two months of preliminary games. The coverage was spotty at best, so it was relatively difficult to follow what was happening. For us in North America it was like the divisions that played over seas

Just another day in the RC Church

Is the Roman Catholic church serious? I guess they have to do it somehow: choosing a replacement Pope. But you have to admit, it’s a pretty bizarre exercise. Many non-catholics like me think this just underlines how weird some RC traditions are, and in the minds of religious sceptics this cements numerous negative feelings about

Is Apple serious about its “smart watch”?

Apple is secretive about their watch project, but reportedly have about 100 designers working on it. This buzz about an Apple watch is just slightly puzzling to me. Actually, I am surprised to hear that watches still represent a profitable (and expanding) consumer goods market niche. I stopped wearing mine about 30 years ago because

Indian Chief’s salary demonstrates lack of controls

There is something terribly wrong with a system that allows political “leaders” to manipulate the system of governance to score large salaries, while shortchanging the very people they are elected to serve. I know we’ve become accustomed to this sort of thing, but, really…? This was (humorously?) highlighted in the media story that broke this

BB 10 and the Mobile Computing Future of Blackberry

One of the many (formerly) RIM buildings in Waterloo. BB10 was launched last week, and I noticed that very afternoon that the sign people had two new signs on the buildings down the street. RIM logos were gone, replaced by Blackberry logos. Personally I think this name change thing is pretty unimportant. I guess it

More balanced picture of Indian reservations in the James Bay area

The inside of Fort Albany Chief Edward Metatawabin’s home. For the past months we’ve been fed a steady diet of dismal reports from Attawapiskat in the James Bay area. Combined with Theresa Spence’s fish broth diet and the Idle No More protests, this has been a particularly bad bad news period for Canada/First Nations relations.

The problem with Apple

I recently stumbled on this article callled “Bad Apple: Could the Era of Exploitation Outsourcing Be Near Its End?” in which the author argues that the moral implications of Apple’s use of Chinese labour to cut costs is catching up with them. Apple’s success, he argues, has to some extent been built on the backs

Teachers biting the hand that feeds them

Last week when the Ontario Elementary teachers union called a wildcat strike, inconveniencing millions of Ontarions in the process, it was predictable what our weasle Premier, Dalton McGuinty would do. Rather than confront the union and penalize them for holding an illegal strike, the McGuinty government put the case before the Ontario Labour Relations Board

Gun Control and Government Tyranny

Piers Morgan of CNN has recently raised the hackles of the pro-gun folks in the U.S. by inviting a number of those folks to his show, and essentially setting them up for what seems like a blatant gun control pitch. As many commenters have pointed out, Morgan and CNN have been losing viewers and this

Stroke Update – Jan 14, 2013

A few months ago I created a little video with the help of Judy and my grandkids, called “Cane Golf“. It was in late August, exactly three months after I had my stroke, and a little less than two months after I came home. It’s easy to lose perspective when you’re going through something like

The problems of Attawapiskat are not going away any time soon

I get shivers just thinking about Attawapiskat. Shivers as in cold and damp. The Indians of that community may have a long long history of living out there in the elements near James Bay, but I just can’t believe that makes it any more pleasant. This really is one of the big problems with communities

Is “hitting” really necessary in hockey

I haven’t bothered following NHL hockey for many years. I will occasionally watch a big game, like the final game of the playoffs, but not knowing the players makes it pretty uninteresting. What impresses me when I do watch is the speed and skill of the players. Having been involved in kids hockey, I know

School violence: time to put an end to it

The recent horrendous slaughter of children at Sandy Hook school in Connecticut has once again sparked serious debate about gun control – mostly in the U.S., but in other countries (including Canada) as well. A few days ago, when I went to the Christmas concert at the school where five of our seven grandchildren attend

Like being in jail

I had this thought the other day: that being a stroke victim must be something like being in jail. You can see people moving around out there, doing (more or less) what they want, but that freedom just isn’t available to you. You think “I can do that”, but in fact you can’t. You just

Rehab after a stroke

Anyone who has had a stroke and has a realistic chance of recovering all or some of the faculties they’ve lost becomes something of an expert in various therapies. Of course the therapists I’ve known and worked with – all sincere, dedicated and well-meaning to be sure – are pretty unanimous in saying “everyone’s different”.

The Day a Stroke Changed My World

Last spring, May 26, 2012, my life was changed in just a few seconds. Early in the evening, after a fairly uneventul day, I had a stroke. It did not seem especially catrostrophic at the time. The symptoms, I am told, were fairly typical. A definite dizziness and disorientation – quite specific, related to an

What RIM may be doing right

The Playbook is critical to the development of the new Blackberry platform. Even if it sells poorly (as it has) RIM has to support it and develop it to provide a base for new products. It is very trendy these days to knock Research in Motion and its still ubiquitous Blackberry brand, but I think

Police can be pretty bad drivers

A few times every week a police cruiser goes “cruising” at high speed through our little town, sirens howling. Some times there are serious accidents “up at the corner”, other times they are (apparently) just on important police business. The kind of importance that requires them to speed through the main intersection of a little

American debt crisis highlights democratic nature of US government

Canadians are a bit dumbfounded by the convoluted process involved in grappling with the current US debt ceiling crisis. Americans are being told “your government will run out of money if we don’t solve this problem” (raising the debt ceiling). So what results is brinkmanship and potential paralysis if the two (three?) sides can’t agree