The ongoing Canadian Monarchy Debate

The Canadian Royal Family – Sorry, no Canadians allowed. There are a couple interesting articles in the National Post today (Jan 21, 2011) about the rightful place of the British monarchy in Canada’s future. As I have expressed elsewhere a few times, I think the fact that our Canadian head of state is, according to

WalMart 15 – Target 0

The recent news that Target is moving into Canada by buying up most of the existing Zellers stores has been greeted by many eager Canadian shoppers as good news all around. If nothing else it will inject new life into what is basically a pretty boring store (Zellers). Long gone are the days when we

Juniors lose to Ruskies in unusual fashion

I’ve been in Florida for the last week and must admit I haven’t been following the Canadian sports scene at all. It’s a completely different world down here. TV coverage (at least where we’re staying) is good if you like “I’m 16 and pregnant” or long boring hearings on CSpan. Other than that, forget it.

Why developing nations should not get a CO2 emissions break

In the worldwide struggle to cut the use of fossil fuels to power our cars and heat our homes, China and India along with a couple other “developing” countries are often seen by the west (including Canada) as a major obstacle to any serious attempt to cut back emissions. That’s because as “developing” nations they

Inconsistent Raptors set comeback record

I’ll admit I gave up on the Raptors last night. They were down by about 25 points and looking absolutely awful against the Pistons who colour man Jack Armstrong kept saying had trouble scoring and couldn’t defend. It was a pretty sad showing. I decided to jump around watching two or three movies instead. (There

Last Ontario round of golf for 2010

I played what turned out to be my last round of Ontario golf for 2010 on Nov 21. Fritz and I headed down to Tarandowah and pretty much had the place to ourselves. It was about 5 C and pretty windy, but it didn’t rain, so that was a bonus. It was starting to get

Tim Hortons in Iqaluit – entering the mainstream

Iqualuit has finally entered the mainstream of Canadian culture by opening its own Tim Hortons. It may be just a self-serve kiosk, but it’s a Tim’s and the locals love it. A local Inuit elder even lit a candle and said a prayer at the grand opening. The Iqaluit location is one of three Tim’s

Assange victims not the source of charges

The women accusing Julian Assange of sexual misconduct were not initially wanting charges to be laid. I don’t want to dwell too much on the Julian Assange Wikileaks story, but here’s an interesting story in the National Post – Swedish women did not want Assange charged. The report says both women were associates (or admirers

Julian Assange video interview about Wikileaks

Here’s a video interview of Julian Assange, the key spokesperson for Wikileaks. This video is from April 2010. It was originally broadcast on the English AlJazeera network. Believe it or not his cell phone rings near the beginning of the interview. Related Posts:Wikileaks – force for good or evil?Unamerican Canadian conservativismAssange victims not the source

Wikileaks – force for good or evil?

Is Wikileaks a much more sinister group than most people think? The release of sensitive (and classified) documents by Wikileaks last week was met with a relatively muted response from just about everyone. Perhaps it is because the general perception of Wikileaks is that it is an organization with what looks like an admirable objective

B.C., Alberta First Nations oppose Enbridge pipeline

No one familiar with the Enbridge pipeline proposal should be surprised that First Nations groups affected by the proposal have banded together to oppose it. The proposed pipeline would carry unrefined bitument from the Alberta oil sands across the Rocky Mountains to the town of Kitimat on the Pacific Ocean. Alternative route to move oil

Video opposes Enbridge Kitimat pipeline proposal

This video was recently produced by Pacific Wild and posted on the website Pipe Up Against Engridge. Oil in Eden: The Battle to Protect Canada’s Pacific Coast from Pacific Wild on Vimeo. Related Posts:B.C., Alberta First Nations oppose Enbridge pipelineTim Hortons in Iqaluit – entering the mainstreamCaledon quarry rejection may be good news for WoolwichAre

Mild treatment of Canada in Wikileaks

Canadians politicians and diplomats are generally relieved that the lastest disclosures from Wikileaks do not have much to say about Canada. Yes there are a grand total of 5 documents (out of a total of 2600) which contain some mildly critical comments and observations aimed at Canada. But that’s nothing compared to what they might

Some areas of Antarctica seeing rapid ice melting

Here is an interesting article by Fen Montaigne on the warming of Antarctica and the melting of Antarctic ice. One would expect that signs of global warming would be most evident at the points with the harshest climates – the hottest areas on earth and the coldest. Especially the coldest. I have read elsewhere that

Don Cherry for King of Canada

Since we’re talking about the monarchy a lot these days. I thought I’d make some proposals for “King of Canada”. I would like to see us start our own monarchy in Canada, and I can’t think of a better person than Don Cherry to serve as KofC. As we all know, Don even looks great

Canadian wireless phone system sucks (relatively speaking)

There’s an interstesting story about the Canadian cell phone business in the November (2010) issue of The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business. The focus of the article is on Egyptian billionaire entrepreneur Naguib Sawiris and his upstart wireless company called Wind Mobile. The revelations about the Canadian wireless industry are intriguing, to say the

Royal wedding should be a non-story for Canadians

We’ve recently been bombarded with news of the upcoming British royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, and there is suddenly renewed interest in the British monarchy. The CBC, for example ran a phone-in last Sunday in which people were asked “Will the royal wedding renew interest in the monarchy in Canada?” (or something

Canadian Senate kills climate change bill: No big deal

So today the Conservatives in the Canadian Senate voted down the NDP’s climate change bill that had been bouncing around for years. Big deal. Harper haters are up in arms about what they see as the anti-democratic nature of the move. A bill passed by a majority of elected MPs has now been quashed by

Caledon quarry rejection may be good news for Woolwich

After 13 years of fighting an application for the creation of a quarry in Caledon (near Mississauga) the OMB has turned down the application. The OMB ruled that the proposed Rockfort Quarry could possibly have a “catastrophic impact” on the surrounding environment if measures to guard against potential problems did not work. The Coalition of

Problems with Ontario’s Green Energy Act

In this article from the Globe and Mail called Does Ontario’s Green Energy Act pass the ‘net benefit’ test? the author, Jatin Nathwani from the University of Waterloo argues that there are serious problems with the Green Energy Act of Ontario. These problems put our entire electrical supply system in jeopardy and make its sustainability questionable. The most