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Check Out these Sample Practice Tracks

Now you can become a member of for just $10/year. PracticeTracks is a project of, a non-profit organization in Waterloo, Ontario, dedicated to encouraging young musicians and making music resources and opportunities available to them. Practice Tracks are play along songs and exercises that give new and aspiring musicians practice resources. These are

3 Reasons for New Guitar Players to Practice Scales

I’d wager that just about everybody who ever took a music lesson has memories of playing scales. Can you just imagine…? You’re 10 years old – or 40 for that matter – and your teacher says “You should spend at least 10 minutes a day working on scales.” How many new music students have answered

History of the Guitar

The evolution of the modern guitar is a complicated one. Stringed instruments with some of the features of modern guitars have been used for about 4,000 years, as can be attested by archaeological evidence from digs in Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia, and elsewhere where organized human civilizations have been found. The guitar didn’t really start to

Why is the Guitar tuned like this?

It may not make sense to you at first, and you might just never think of it. The guitar is tuned the way it is for good physical-mechanical reasons. You have four fingers on your fingering hand, so the guitar strings are tuned 5 frets apart (except for the B string). That means you can

Sign of the Times – this one is pretty easy

Here’s another very popular song – Sign of the Times – by Harry Styles. The video is kind of ridiculous with styles doing his Mary Poppins imitation – flying through the air (What is that, anyway?) – but it’s a great song for newish guitar players – just three chords – I, vi, V –

Easy and Fun: By the Rivers of Babylon

The group called Boney M. had a hit with “By the Rivers of Babylon” back in 1978. This arrangement almost has a polka feel, and is great fun. I’ve given you several keys, and the guitar part is easy in all of them. This is a great song to practice your strumming technique. Have fun!

With a Little Help from my Friends

I just finished posting an arrangement for the Beatles’ “With a Little Help From My Friends”, at It’s number 39. I’m planning on going live sometime around 75 songs, so it should be in a month or so. This was my most extensive arrangement to date. Alto sax lead, a simple trumpet accompaniment, nice -playing with a small band in your browser is a project I’ve been working on for a few months, and it’s almost time to go public. Like most web projects this one has evolved as I’ve worked on it. My first thoughts were to create instructional videos for new guitar players, using animation. I’ve seen a lot of videos with a guy

Guitar Players: Why Learn the Guitar Fretboard?

Learning the notes on the guitar fretboard is not easy, so if you are going to tackle it, you’d better make a serious effort. Many guitar players – a lot of good ones and most not-so-good ones – will argue that it is not worth the time and energy it takes, especially if you don’t