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Just another day in the RC Church

Is the Roman Catholic church serious?

I guess they have to do it somehow: choosing a replacement Pope. But you have to admit, it’s a pretty bizarre exercise.

Many non-catholics like me think this just underlines how weird some RC traditions are, and in the minds of religious sceptics this cements numerous negative feelings about religious belief in general. How can thinking people actual believe in this sort of stuff?

I guess God works in mysterious (and weird) ways. Yah, sure. Blame it on God.

Each time there is a big Pope-event we get a close-up look at how silly some of these traditions are, how sheep-like people can be, and how much wealth is horded by this organization. I would think it would be pretty embarassing for all kinds of believers – even non-Catholics.

I suspect this current situation is more about scandals and hidden secrets, but given the mysterious nature of the leadership of “1.2 billion catholics” it is not likely we (or they) will ever know.

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were skrood says:

I`m waiting for an American pope . What do the big shots say when he wants to be called Pope JIm Bob or some such handle .. …