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Practice Suggestions for (New) Guitar Players


We all know that practicing is one of the most important ways to improve our guitar playing. But you may also know how easy it is to get side-tracked into spending time a lot of time doing unproductive things.

Practice Routine 1 is a short series of exercises the beginning guitar player would do well to work through every time you pick up your guitar for a practice session. The routine shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

This routine focuses on just two aspects of guitar playing: scales and chords. It assumes you are focusing your efforts on the three keys new guitar players are usually exposed to: G, C and D.

Learning to effortlessly play the most common major scales is the beginning of your guitar playing education. Playing scales at the open position teaches you the location of commonly used notes. Using your fingering hand correctly will help develop the strength, dexterity and flexibility of your fingers.

New guitar players usually want to play chords. Learning to finger the strings correctly is the first step. But you quickly realize that transitioning between chords is equally important. You will also begin to notice chord patterns. These patterns are explained in Basic Chord Theory. This practice routine uses this information to help develop your skill at transitioning between the important chords for the keys of G, C and D.

Go to Practice Routine 1.

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