Harvest Moon – Neil Young

E/0 E/0 E/9 E/9
B/10 B/12 B/10 B/12
G/11 G/11 G/11 G/11
D/0 D/0 D/0 D/0
X/x X/x X/x X/x
X/x X/x X/x X/x

You probably wont be able to get the strummin right unless you
listen to the cd.

The arpeggio is simple.


Here are the chords and lyrics:

Verse 1
G Arp x1 D Riff x2 Arp x1
Come a little bit closer, hear what I have to say.
G Arp x1 D Riff x2
Just like children sleepin, we could dream this night away.

Verse 2
G D Riff x2
But therse a full moon risin, lets go dancin in the night
GDRiff x2
We know where the musics playin, lets go out and feel the night

G A Em
Because I’m still in love with you, I wanna see you dance again
Because I’m still in love with you. on this harvest moon.

Intro x1

Verse 3
When we were strangers I watched you from afar.
When we were lovers I loved you with all my heart.

Verse 4
But now it’s gettin late and the moon is climbin high.
I wanna celebrate, see it shinin in your eye.

Chorus x1

Verse progression x1 with harmonica solo

Chorus x1

Riff x1

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