Sceptics Dawkins and Krauss on The Morning Show

Often Youtube interviews or debates with Richard Dawkins or Lawrence Krauss are long and (I suppose) tedious for most people. Dawkins is a world famous biologist and Krauss a well-known physicist. Both are outspoken non-believers in religion (they are not sure about the term “atheist”). And both are often accused of ridiculing believers.

In this interview on “The Morning Show”, unlike many major media interviews on this topic, the group actually gets into the meat of the debate, and it is all quite pleasant and informative.

A common theme with both of these guys is that “there are no authorities in science” only evidence and theories compatible with the evidence. This is the opposite of religion which is often built on one authority or another (Bible, Koran, Pope, church, elders, etc.) and makes no serious appeal to evidence at all.

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