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Stroke Update – Jan 14, 2013

A few months ago I created a little video with the help of Judy and my grandkids, called “Cane Golf“. It was in late August, exactly three months after I had my stroke, and a little less than two months after I came home. It’s easy to lose perspective when you’re going through something like

Last Ontario round of golf for 2010

I played what turned out to be my last round of Ontario golf for 2010 on Nov 21. Fritz and I headed down to Tarandowah and pretty much had the place to ourselves. It was about 5 C and pretty windy, but it didn’t rain, so that was a bonus. It was starting to get

Blue Springs Golf Club, Acton Ontario

Back in 1997 Blue Springs Golf Club was the first “championship” course I had ever played. I can still remember the feeling I had for the place. I could barely believe I was actually playing golf at such a beautiful facility. Looking back on #10 fairway at Blue Springs. This is the Championship course. Just

Wyndance Golf Club in Uxbridge, Ontario

Three golfing buddies and I headed over to Wyndance Golf Club in Uxbridge, Ontario this afternoon (Sunday, Sept 19, 2010). Wyndance was designed by Greg Norman for Clublink, Canada’s largest golf course operator, and opened in 2007. Wyndance is built on the site of an old quarry and uses the contours of the quarry to

Tarandowah Golfers Club – Avon, Ontario

Tarandowah Golfers Club is located just outside of Avon, Ontario, a little more than 5 minutes off the 401 highway between London and Woodstock. It is your classic “out in the middle of nowhere” course, seemingly built in a farmer’s field. But this is not just any golf course. It is an example of what