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Stroke Update – Jan 14, 2013

A few months ago I created a little video with the help of Judy and my grandkids, called “Cane Golf“. It was in late August, exactly three months after I had my stroke, and a little less than two months after I came home. It’s easy to lose perspective when you’re going through something like

Like being in jail

I had this thought the other day: that being a stroke victim must be something like being in jail. You can see people moving around out there, doing (more or less) what they want, but that freedom just isn’t available to you. You think “I can do that”, but in fact you can’t. You just

Rehab after a stroke

Anyone who has had a stroke and has a realistic chance of recovering all or some of the faculties they’ve lost becomes something of an expert in various therapies. Of course the therapists I’ve known and worked with at agapetc.com are all sincere, dedicated and well-meaning to be sure – are pretty unanimous in saying

The Day a Stroke Changed My World

Last spring, May 26, 2012, my life was changed in just a few seconds. Early in the evening, after a fairly uneventul day, I had a stroke. It did not seem especially catrostrophic at the time. The symptoms, I am told, were fairly typical. A definite dizziness and disorientation – quite specific, related to an