USA needs to fix its political situation

Another day, another series of Trump stories. This has been going on for almost two years now.

Trump has infected American politics and there seems to be no antiseptic. He loves to dominate the news, and for almost two years now the media have willingly obliged him.

The left-leaning media – CNN, New York Times, Washington Post and many others – love to say Republicans in the US Congress are enabling Trump by refusing to (in a substantive way) call out his more ridiculous moves. But the media are pretty much as bad – continually giving priority to every Trump scratch and grunt.

If the Democrats are serious about wanting to get rid of Trump, it seems to me they have a pretty decent opportunity to shift the entire atmosphere in Congress. As so many have tirelessly said, they can do this by getting a bunch of Democrats elected and gaining control of the House of Representatives.

But in order for that to happen they need to get their act together. They need a leader they can rally behind, and some clear policies that will define the party for the next decade or two. Otherwise Trump may very well win again in 2020.

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